Project Manager

pm collage

The Project Manager is the head of the Reception, overseeing the whole project and leading the Project Team. This role is for someone who wants to develop their leadership skills and shape the international community. The Project Manager has the freedom to shape the Reception in the desired way and to develop it in their desired way.

The THS Head of Social and International Relations recruits the Project Manager for the duration of one reception through an interview process. For the Spring Reception it is usually one person, while two are the standard for the Autumn Reception. Following the recruitment, the THS Head of Social and International Relations and the Project Managers work closely together to make the Reception happen. Furthermore, past Project Managers may be available as advisors.

On a daily basis, the Project Manager is responsible for developing a working plan for the entire project duration. They are responsible for recruiting the Project Team and coordinating their work. In addition, the Project Manager meets with KTH and THS officials, ensuring that all of the different organisations involved in the Reception are working in cooperation to welcome the new students in the best way possible. During the actual Reception, the work is focused around helping and supporting the team in their work. After the Reception's conclusion, the project is handed over to the successor(s).

Over the course of the project, the Project Manager receives the following benefits:

  • A certificate for a 0.2 GPA increase when applying for exchange programs
  • A recommendation letter written by the Head of Social and International Relations at THS
  • A small compensation for their efforts after the reception has ended
  • Participation in the “Thank you Events” for the Team and the Project Manager after the reception has ended
  • A lot of fun and great memories

Being the Project Manager of the Reception is a unique opportunity that not many have the chance to ever experience. Leading and managing a whole team committed to a common goal is a special, rewarding experience. Creating a project for hundreds of students is an experience of a lifetime.