Partners page

The THS International Reception is a project under the Head of Social and International Relations at THS. This position is also responsible for two other organizations aimed at improving social and international relations at THS/KTH. They serve as our main partner organizations.

The following diagram visualizes the relationship with our partners.

ths international organizational structure

THS MAIN is the masters and international sub-group at THS, aimed at creating great events throughout the academic year, building close friendships, and helping with the integration of international KTH students. All students are welcome to join! More information can be found on the THS MAIN Facebook page.

THS Sports is a multisport association with the goal of encouraging playing sports and competing on campus. In the past, there have been squash, badminton, floorball, volleyball, basketball, and football tournaments! More information can be found on the THS Sports Facebook page.


The THS International Reception aims to collaborate with THS and KTH associations in order to showcase student life at KTH to the best of our ability. Therefore, we contact THS student associations early into planning the Reception, so that we can schedule events accordingly.


The THS International Reception is an event involving a series of Volunteers and support from all of the Community at THS and KTH, but also with the support from other companies. For this year, the THS International Reception has been able to count on the support from Lyca Mobile. This has enabled us to distribute SIM Cards for every new International Student at KTH and make sure they can still connect to their families back home without an issue.

This year, we are continuing our partnership with Lyca Mobile Sweden! All international students are provided with a free Lyca Mobile SIM card with 8GB of data, free calls & SMS in Sweden, and 100 international minutes, valid for 30 days. Connect your world with Lyca Mobile and make the most of your time in Stockholm! Stay connected, make memories.

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