For new students

welcome to the reception


Are you a new incoming masters or international student at KTH? We at the THS International Reception would like to warmly welcome you to your new home away from home. We have all been in the position of coming to a new university and wanting to make new friends, so we are here for you during this new and exciting period!

The THS International Reception organizes many different welcome events for new students to meet each other. More information about the events can be found here.

In addition to being able to attend a bunch of fun events, you will also receive a Buddy who will lead a smaller Buddy Group and serve as a familiar face in your new home. The Buddy typically attends the same school within KTH as you. You can ask questions to your Buddy about the best grocery store prices, the Chapter scene, where you can find the best cinnamon rolls in town, how to use Stockholm’s public transportation network, etc. Buddies will also organize smaller get-togethers for you and your Buddy Group.

By participating in the THS International Reception you will get the chance to:

  • Meet new international students and current students at KTH
  • Try new activities and explore Stockholm
  • Experience Swedish cultural events
  • Talk to the amazing KTH associations' representatives at Union Day
  • Be assigned to a Buddy, who will lead a small group of new students during fun meetings
  • Have a great start to your stay at KTH!

The THS International Reception is completely voluntary but is highly encouraged! This time period is a great place to meet so many new people. Feeling a bit shy or worried? Don’t be! Everyone attending is looking to meet new people and is in the same position as you! Reception is all about making new friends and ensuring that you feel at home.

Information about the sign up for events will come later on our Facebook group and through e-mail.

Who organizes the THS International Reception?

The THS International Reception is a project run by students at KTH. The project is under THS International, which is an organization run by the Head of International and Social Relations at THS (the KTH Student Union). THS stands for Tekniska Högskolans Studentkår, meaning KTH’s Student Union. THS has a multitude of roles, including organizing social events for students, maintaining the educational quality of the university, and serving as representation for students. THS International is a subsection of the Student Union and organizes the Reception with the Project Managers leading it, Project Team organizing it, and the Buddies volunteering at the events.