copy of buddy collage

Do you like welcoming new students? Want to share your amazing expertise on living in Sweden? Even better, yearning to join an amazing crew of enthusiastic volunteers? Join our Buddy team at the THS International Reception! We at the THS International Reception look for a bunch of diverse, welcoming students to help at all of our Reception festivities.

As a Buddy you are expected to:

  • Help out at several Reception events. Tasks can include prepping gasque food, accompanying groups to museums, working the bar, etc.
  • Be responsible for new students in your Buddy Group and answer their questions
  • Lead a few Buddy Meetings with your Buddy Group

What’s in it for you? As a Buddy, you get the following:

  • Meet a bunch of new students and make many new friends
  • Volunteer at the amazing events
  • Get the possibility to receive a 0.2 GPA boost when applying to study abroad
  • Attend a Buddy Osqvik
  • Take part in a Thank You event exclusive to the Buddies

The requirements to receive the 0.2 GPA boost change during the semesters, but usually requires hosting Buddy Meetings and actively volunteering at a minimum number of events. Typically the Buddies go above and beyond these requirements because they have so much fun!

Buddies are typically recruited a few months prior to the start of reception through a Buddy Training. A Buddy Training is similar to a group interview, but uses various games and activities to assess if the applicant is what the Project Team is looking for. You should definitely apply if you are interested! It is a lot of fun!