General Topics about the THS International Reception
How do I sign up for the events?

We use our own sign up system!

Who can attend the THS International Reception?

We are responsible for new to KTH masters, exchange, and international bachelor's students. We cannot accomodate more people due to space and budget. That inclues guests of those who are eligible to participate, such as significant others, friends, or parents.

Please note, you do not need to be a THS member to attend our events. THS is our central Student Union, and we are a project group within the Student Union, similar to a THS association.

We organize these events for our new students, so as long as you are attending KTH and fall into one of our responsible study programs, then you are allowed to attend!

What is the difference between THS and the THS International Reception?

THS is the Student Union at KTH. More info about them can be found here.

We have one member of our team, the Head of Social and International Relations at THS, who is part of the THS Management Team and takes off one of year of their studies to work for the Student Union. This role is responsible for recruiting the Project Managers for the THS International Reception.

The THS International Reception is a student-run project group within THS that organizes the welcome reception for our set of students. The Project Team consists of student volunteers.

What rules do I have to follow for the Reception?

You can find the Fall 2020 Reception rules here. By using our signup system and participating in Reception events you automatically agree to these rules.

When do I get my Buddy?

Your Buddy will contact you soon if they have not already! Depending on when you registered as a new student in our sign up system, you will receive a Buddy.

They will be leading the Buddy Meetings, which is a small group of new students in similar study fields.

How are you planning the Reception amidst the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic?

We put the health and safety of our students and community first. We do not know exactly how this situation will impact our Reception, but we have alternative plans and are willing to adjust to the situation in accordance to the information provided by THS, KTH, and the Swedish Health Institute.

How can I help out in the upcoming International Receptions?

Great question! We have a "The Team" page on our website that has more information about our various roles: Buddies, Project Team, and Project Manager. In the "Join Us" subpage, we have approximitate timelines of when these roles will be recruited.

We also recommend that you follow our Facebook page to get updates on when we start recruitment!

How can I contact you?

There are several ways of contacting us:

Registration Issues
My register button doesn't work! What do I do?

If you have problems registering yourself in our sign up system, please try the following things:

  1. Reload the page several times. The page looks correct if you also have a drop down menu where you can select your field of study. Wait up to 30 seconds after loading the page, sometimes the drop down menu shows up after a few seconds.
  2. Use a different web browser

If it still is not working try this:

  1. Do not use add ons
  2. Do not use vpn
  3. Do not use script blocker
  4. Do not use ad blockers
  5. Clear cookies

Also, please keep in mind that you do not have to provide your personal number or your phone number.

Event Sign Up
When will the event calendar be released?

It has been to our new students!

When will I be able to sign up for events?

Event sign ups are open! Keep in mind that registration for the events will close ~2 days before the event starts.

The event I wanted to attend is full. What can I do?

We recommend to check the sign up page frequently since some students will unregister themselves from some events. As soon as someone unregisters, their spot becomes open in the system. Out of experience the closer it comes to the event the more people change their activity plans, but keep in mind that you usually can only unregister yourself two days before an event.

You cannot join a full event, regardless of your motivation for it. The event limitations are in place due to restrictions in the size of the event location, available material (like food) and our own organisational capacity. If you join a full event without our explicit consent, we will remove you from the event. In severe cases we ban you from attending further events in the Reception.

Can you put me on a waiting list for a specific event?

We do not have a waiting list system yet, but this is currently in the planning phase. Therefore, we recommend to check the sign up system regularly for open spots.

Hopefully in future Receptions we will be able to have a waiting list!

Can you organize additional events, e.g. another gasque, hiking or Osqvik?

Unfortunately this is not possible. We are aware that some events are very popular among new students but we cannot add more events. This is due to limitations in funding, the amount of people helping out, fire safety, booking of facilities, etc... Therefore, we are not able to offer more events than what we have right now in our event calendar!

Can I do a ticket swap?

Yes! If you want to swap events or give your spot to another new student, please have both of you email us at info@thsint.se with the name of the person and the event. Please wait for confirmation from us.

This needs to be conducted at least one day before the event.

What’s my Chapter?

If you are unsure what Chapter you belong, you can check here.

Why can’t I see events from my Chapter?

This only applies to people who belong to the following Chapters: Data&Media, E&MiT, F, M, IN, S, and W. Please read the entire event description before signing up.

If your Chapter is not listed above, it means that your Chapter is not collaborating with us this Reception, and to our knowledge no events are offered for you.

If you are unsure what Chapter you belong, you can check here.

Also check to see what study field you have registered to.

Payment for Events
Do some events require payment?

Yes, but not all events. These are marked in the bottom of our event description as well as on our sign up page. \ \ If an event requires a payment, please attend the payment desk on one of our Arrival Days. We will have other payment desks during the Reception, but these will be announced on our Facebook group a few days before they are held.

What do Price X/Price Y mean in the event calendar?

In the calendars that we have below, we have some of the prices marked as Price X/Price Y, showcasing the non-alcoholic/alcoholic ticket price. In our sign up system, all prices will be marked as the non-alcoholic ticket. For the events titled Gasque, Osqvik, and Sauna Night, we will ask you at our payment desk if you would like to pay an additional fee for a ticket with alcohol.

I don’t arrive on an Arrival Day. Where can I pay for my events that have a fee?

We do not have any planned payment desk days, but stay tuned in the Facebook group to see if there are any announced days.

Can I sell my ticket to another student?

Yes you can, but we will need email confirmation from both the buyer and the seller that you would like to do a ticket swap. Please both of you email info@thsint.se, 24 hours before your event's start time.

You can post in our Facebook group to see if anyone would like to take your ticket.

Do not pay the seller until after you have gotten email confirmation from us. We check the lists to make sure that the buyer and the seller are both part of our student list!

Also the price must be the same amount as our own prices. In other words, you are not allowed to make profit off our tickets.

Attending the Events
Do I have to have signed up to the event to attend?

Yes, we will not accept any drop-ins.

I've signed up for an event! How do I receive information about an event I signed up for?

Usually one or two days before the event you will receive an e-mail from us. This one is sent to the e-mail address you used in our signup system. Please check your spam folder as well, sometimes it goes in there.

I've signed up for an event, but I didn’t receive an e-mail about an event I signed up for. What do I do?

Usually one or two days before the event you will receive an e-mail from us. This one is sent to the e-mail address you used in our signup system. Please check your spam folder as well, sometimes it goes in there. If you really can’t find it, contact us.

KTH and My Studies
Whom do I contact for questions about my study programme?

Please contact info@kth.se They will direct you to the right people.

When does course registration start?

Please have a look here.

Can anyone help me move my luggage?

No, these services are not offered by KTH or by THS. Please use public transportation or call a taxi.

THS Membership and Student Card
How do I become a THS Member?

In order to become a student member of THS, you need to have an active course registration at KTH. If you are only admitted to a course/program, but not registered, then it is not sufficient. You can check your registrations here. You can pay the membership fee here or at KårX (Student Union Office). You cannot sign up for membership in advance.

What is the Student Card?

Every active student at KTH is entitled to a student card. This card proves that you are a student at KTH, and also gives you right to some discounts at different stores. The student card is often referred to as the Mecenat card, named after the company providing the card.

More detailed information can be found here

How do I get the Student Card (Mecenat Card)?

Please use your student id number that you have received in your email, together with your temporary personal number to sign in to the Mecenat app for your phone. You can sign up using any email and password you wish.

No email from Mecenat?

The reason why you have not yet received an email from Mecenat with your student ID number is because you do not have any contact information to your KTH profile. Before you add this information, there will be no card created for you, and they will have no way of sending any information to you. It usually takes a few days for KTH to send the updated information to Mecenat. You can check for more info here here.