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The THS International Reception is a project led by student volunteers for new masters and international KTH students. Together with a Project Manager, the Project Team, and a bunch of Buddies, we are able to accomplish our goal by providing a warm welcome. For more information about these roles, please check out “The Team” section.

The THS International Reception occurs twice per year, once in spring and the other time in autumn. Spring Reception starts in mid-January, ending two weeks later, whereas Autumn Reception usually starts in the beginning of August and lasts for five weeks.

The planning process is quite lengthy, taking months to prepare our Reception, in which the Project Team recruits the Buddies, plans the events, and prepares everything prior to the new students’ arrival. In the Spring and Fall Receptions, we host welcome events for approximately 500 and 2000 new students respectively. We aim to host these events with student associations and the chapters at the university, so we are open to KTH collaborations.